Why, How & When Investors Say No

Jose Paul Martin
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Understand the psychology of persuasion and how to get a YES, duck a NO and why you should never settle for a MAYBE or “We'd love to hear more” or even a "God willing..."

Only 1% get funded. Imagine, out of 100, only one gets funded. Let’s face it. You’ll hear a lot of “NOs” before you get a YES. 

So what is it about the 99 companies that didn’t get a yes? Do they suck? Are they bad? Are they doomed!?

Here are 16 reasons WHY and HOW investors say ‘no’ or don’t say anything 99% of the time and WHAT you can do as an entrepreneur WHEN they do…

Grab this guide, so you can gain an edge over other founders and entrepreneurs who are fighting to get funded!

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