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The PITCHPROCESS Pitch Deck Blueprint & Checklist

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The PITCHPROCESS Pitch Deck Blueprint & Checklist

Jose Paul Martin
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What's more important to you... spending the next 100 hours selling your product, or the next 100 hours selling your company?

If you answered company - welcome, to the world of private equity and venture capital investing. 

“As a venture capitalist, I have to listen to hundreds of entrepreneurs pitch their companies. Most of these pitches are crap!” – Guy Kawasaki

But are you going to let a crappy pitch ruin your chance of getting funded (which is roughly 2%)? 

How much time you spend on a presentation should be proportionate to what is at stake. 

If you're not getting the kind of response you'd like from investors, or haven't been able to close that deal. This could be the answer to your prayers.

This is based on over a decade of sitting on the deal table and reading as well as listening to hundreds of pitches. See the full program [click here].

Download The Perfect Pitch Deck Checklist. We go into details about...

  • The 12 Commandments (Slides) to Pitch Decks
  • What investors are thinking, and what they really want to know…
  • What you should NOT include when preparing your pitch…
  • The tips, tactics and strategies to help you prepare the most convincing pitch, so you can attract investors like a magnet!
  • And a whole lot more... (check out the bonuses)

Put all these pieces together in your pitch deck & you'll be well on your way to pitch investors like nothing you've seen before!

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What's included...

Tutorial Video
41 Minutes
Checklist (PDF)
15 Pages
Google Slides
1-on-1 Session
1 Hour Review
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